IBWTL-1 Overview

  • Patitpaban Pal
  • Ratul Ghosh
  • Harichand Das
Keywords: IBWTL-1, Patitpaban Pal, Ratul Ghosh, Harichand Das, Webinar, Seminar, Special issue, Editorial


The 3-day International Webinar was being organised on behalf of the International Bilingual Journal of Culture Anthropology & Linguistics (IBJCAL) e-ISSN: 2582-4716 in collaboration with School of Languages and Linguistics, Jadavpur University, SNLTR, Kolkata & LingClub, Jadavpur University. A Holistic approach towards appreciating and forming educated opinions, based on actual research and serious academic deliberations / interactions, about the Culture, Heritage, Customs, Traditional Beliefs and Values, Practices, Cultural Development, Inter-cultural Facts; Intra-cultural facts, Language origin, Language Attitudes, Language Adoption, Value Maintenance, Cultural Maintenance through language, Language Technology and Future Perspectives of the various Indigenous peoples / Tribal communities / Adivasis of India. Towards that end, Anthropological, Cultural, Socio-economic, Ethno-linguistic studies on any Tribal community or any field work towards documentation of the same (including endangered and lesser known communities – that encompasses their language, ancestry, culture, heritage, religion, customs, rituals, society, family structure, literature, folklore, art and craft, industry, livelihoods, etc.) had been appreciated. Thanks to all Advisory members and Organizing members of the Webinar. The gratitude to all these persons who always stay with us and gave advise to reach perfection. With warmest regards, Patitpaban Pal, Editor-in-chief, IBJCAL, eISSN: 2582-4716 & Principal Organizer, IBWTL-1 Harichand Das, Co-organizer, IBWTL-1 Ratul Ghosh, Co-organizer & Secretary, IBWTL-1 On behalf of the Organising Committee, IBWTL-1


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