আন্তর্জাতিক দ্বিভাষিক ওয়েবিনার আদিবাসী জীবনযাত্রা ৩

(তিব্বতি-বর্মা ও অস্ট্রো-এশিয়াটিক: ভাষা-সংস্কৃতি-নৃবিজ্ঞান-ভাষাবিজ্ঞান)

International Bilingual Webinar on Tribal Lifestyle 3

(Tibeto-Burman and Austro-Asiatic: Languages-Culture-Anthropology-Linguistics)

IBWTL-3, 2022

21st February, 2023 - 27th February, 2023

Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract: In English/ Bengali

Word limit: 100-150 (Max)

Abstract must includes TITLE, AUTHOR NAME(S), CONCEPT, RESEARCH QUESTIONS, METHODOLOGY in single paragraph & KEYWORDS in separate paragraph.

Paper format: Word & PDF both format obligatory

Submission & selection criteria: Full Paper Submission for Scholarly presentation is obligatory with proper declared format.

Abstract Submission: 15.01.2023/ 15th January, 2023 (Words: 100-150)

Selected Abstract notification: via email on or before 20.01.2023/ 20th January, 2023

Full paper submission deadline: 05.02.2023/ 5th February, 2023.

Selected speakers list notification: 10.02.2023/ 10th February, 2023 based on Full paper submission.

e-Certificate Registration for Participants: Webinar timing of each day (4.00 pm to 7.30 pm IST).

Distribution of e-Certificate: 28.02.2023/ 28th February, 2023.

Submission ABSTRACT: via (i) Google form or (ii) email ABSTRACT: ibwtl3a@gmail.com

Submission FULL PAPER: via (i) Google form or (ii) email FULL PAPER: ibwtl3f@gmail.com

Registration deadline: 15.02.2023/ 15th February 2023