Lesser Known Capitals of Bengal Before Calcutta: Geo-Historical Aspects of ‘Tanda’

  • Samir Ganguli
Keywords: Tanda, Capitals before Calcutta, Lesser known capitals, Capitals of Bengal


Tanda was the capital of Sultan Sulaiman Khan Karrani, ruler of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, who shifted his capital from Gaur to Tanda in 1565. It was the capital of Bengal Sultanate till 1576, till Sulaiman’s son Sultan Daud Khan, declared independence from the Mughals which cost him his kingdom and life in 1576. Tanda continued as the capital of Bengal Subah of the Mughals till Raja Man Singh shifted the capital to Rajmahal in 1595, except for a short period when the capital was shifted by Munim Khan to Gaur.
Tanda was located at the juncture of Padma and Bhagirathi, about 15 miles from Gaur. As happened with many cities of Bengal located on the banks of rivers, Tanda also suffered the same fate. Tanda does not exist today. It is said that in about 1826, the city was destroyed by floods and disappeared into the river.


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